Emblem of LadyzhynEmblem of LadyzhynLadyzhyn city is one of the oldest Slavic settlements. In history Ladyzhyn is mentioned by the famous Russian historian Nikolai Karamzin, who says in his book “History of the Russian State" that citizens of Ladyzhyn beat off the attack of troops of Mongol ruler Batu Khan in 1240. After the Mongol-Tatars invasion the town was not mentioned in the chronicles for more than 400 years. However the town gradually revived.

The following historical information about the town dates back to XVII century, when Ladyzhyn became a fortress and a part of Bratslav province. By that time there were about 6000 residents. Most of the time Ladyzhyn was regarded as a military settlement and only in 1866 was transferred to the civil government. This period in the history industry was developing very fast in the town. They built a factory of alcohol production, five cloth factories, three stone and tile factories, six watermills and planted a tobacco plantation. During WW II Ladyzhyn was almost completely destroyed.

On March 13, 1944 it was rescued from the Nazis by the 40th Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front. Within 3 years industries were restored. In 1968, they started a massive construction of Ladyzhyn State District Power Plant of 1.8 million kW capacity. The power station was opened on January 18, 1972. In line with the construction of the power plant many industrial enterprises were established and serviced the construction of the station. Also the “town of engineers” was under construction. In 1973 Ladyzhyn got a status of the city, and in 2000 became a city of “the regional importance”.