Місто своїми руками

 «City by your hands» - is a contest of projects financed by the Community Development Fund within the framework of the Social Partnership Strategy between DTEK and Ladyzhyn. According to the Project Coordinator Liudmyla Chervonetska the aim of the Fund is to form the financial basis for promoting public initiatives, create conditions for the development of capacity and activity of the community." Due to this fund residents of Ladyzhyn have the opportunity to implement their ideas. These may be projects which assist to consolidate citizens according to their interests, residence etc. in order to solve their problems (e.g. planning and organization of the welfare of the territories around and inside the buildings, improvement of playgrounds and so on), environmental problems (e.g. cleaning and removal of garbage from territories, forests, water objects etc., projects for youth and children leisure (such as support of youth initiatives in culture and art aimed at moral and spiritual development of young people), projects aimed at involvement of the population in sport activities, creation of conditions for the development of health-improving sports and other projects. Hence every citizen of Ladyzhyn has a chance to participate in such contest.

Participants of the contest may be: public organizations, initiative groups of citizens, as well as private entrepreneurs and residents of Ladyzhyn, registered on the territory of the City Council and all of them are ready to unite the community for actions. Political parties and religious organizations can not participate in the contest. The Supervisory Board and the Contest Commission will control using of funds as well as coordination of projects.

The main condition of the contest is to foresee additional financing for the project implementation either funds of partners or volunteer work, free services, etc. Financing from the Community Development Fund may not exceed 80% of the whole project’s budget. You may require different sums of money: from 1.000 to 50.000 UAH. In 2013 DTEK Company plans to allocate 200 thousand UAH for the implementation of projects resulted from the contest «City by your hands». We hope to find other sponsors for the Fund. According to Liudmyla Chervonetska, workers of Local Economic Development Agency are eager to help all active citizens in implementation of their interesting ideas.