Logotype of Local economic development agency of LadyzhynLogotype of Local economic development agency of LadyzhynAbout LEDA

THE INSTITUTION “LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (LEDA) OF LADYZHYN” is an apolitical organization with a team who has an active public position, practical experience, and is aimed to improve life of the community. The Agency was founded by the City Council of Ladyzhyn in 2012 within the Strategy of Social Partnership of DTEK and Ladyzhyn.


THE INSTITUTION “LEDA” is created to foster social and economic development of Ladyzhyn, ensure employment, help raise revenues for the local budget, protect the legitimate rights and interests of local businesses, as well as assist in fundraisings for the economic development of Ladyzhyn, assist in increase of competitiveness and institutional capacity, implementation of energy efficiency and energy preservation activities; attract investments, strengthen the economic potential of the local communities; predict future economic development of the city.


  • develop and implement projects for social and economic development of the city;
  • analyze public opinion, prospects of the city development and its separate fields of economy;
  • assist in attraction of investments;
  • develop programs for cooperation between local businesses, coordinate their relations with the state and local self-government bodies;
  • search for and develop contacts with foreign businesses, participate in work of international NGOs; cooperate with national, foreign and international agencies.
  • foster cooperation of specialist in economy and scientists, who are interested in questions of business development;
  • organize and conduct seminars, conferences, forums, workshops, fairs and exhibitions in line with the aim of the Agency;
  • conduct journalism activities and promotion of the city in order to assist its economic development;
  • assist in conduction of trainings for experts of economic development;
  • assist in international exchanges of experts, scientists, students in order to improve their professional skills;
  • elaborate a strategy of energy efficiency and energy preservation.